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Mac's Wine Cellar

Located in a beautifully restored building, in Maquoketa's downtown historic district, Mac's Wine Cellar is in the cellar of Farmers Creek Antiques. 


Try Something New

Flights are a fantastic way to try new wines 



Craft Beers

Mac's Wine Cellar



Indulge with friends and family.

Whether you favor Wine, Beer, Mixed Drinks or Martinis. Mac's is proud to offer a diverse selection for your consideration and enjoyment.


Front Entrance:

Enter from South Main. Parking along street. 

Main Entrance Door.

Back Entrance:

Park in paved lot immediately behind the building. 

Look for the sign by the back door.



With beautiful surroundings and friendly staff...     your escape from the day-to- day is here!

              Enjoy Wine, Beer & Cocktails at Mac's. Come hungry...we  have pizza, bread sticks, pretzels,         cheese & crackers, appetizers and cheesecake.

Shop up at Farmers Creek Antiques during your visit.



Terrific atmosphere.

Unique Selection of Wines , Craft Beer and Cocktails.  


Who's Mac?

       In 1884 Owen McCaffrey, a native of Buffalo, New York, opened a wholesale and retail tobacco store in partnership with Frank Doubrawa. The business was located on the east side of Main Street. In 1886 they parted ways and McCaffrey moved to the west side of the street and set up as a independent cigar manufacturer and jobber.  The tobacconists' trade mark, a seven foot wooden Indian, stood on the sidewalk guarding, as it were, the firm's rising fortunes.  

      McCaffrey was a jobber for Humos cigars and distributed as many as 100,000 a week.  The Maquoketa Cigar was manufactured by McCaffrey. Its popularity spread well beyond  this area and eventually manufacturing in Maquoketa had to be discontinued through lack of space. 

      A tobacco company in Binghamton, N.Y., took over;  sales continued to grow and the Maquoketa cigar became the finest advertising medium this city has ever had.

       The McCaffrey Cigar Company opened stores in Mason City, Sioux City, and DesMoines.  


Indian in the River

      One Halloween some pranksters took the old wooden Indian away. No one saw them. The workers found it in the river just north of town. They fished out the Indian , cleaned  and  returned  it to the sidewalk only to have it taken again.  This time the workers were fed up and didn't spend  as much time looking for it . McCaffrey's  Indian  was never found. Shortly after this incident, in the spring of 1923,  McCaffrey died and the business just folded up.  A former worker said, "You know what they say about coming events casting their shadows before them?"